Little Miss Chief

Little Miss Chief :

The process began with no preconceived ideas, small sections of handmade paper, some black ink and a brush. I watered down ink using it to make marks on the paper. After allowing the paper to dry out, I used pen and black ink to ‘find’ images in the marks laid down. After a short while a character with stripey tights, bunches and a serious attitude appeared… playing out scenes from her chaotic life in front of my eyes.

There are over 100 drawings in the original series, a selection of which have been put into print.

1 card = £2.00 (+£1.00 p&p), 3 cards = £5.00 (+£1.00 p&p), 6 cards = £10.00 (postage FREE)

Mix and match cards from any of my card collections!

Click here to buy Little Miss Chief Limited edition canvas prints. £75 each, set of 6 = £420, set of 12 = £780

 Keep a look out for the release of my kindle book showing the best of Little Miss Chief or Send me your details & I let you know!

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