Little Miss Chief

Little Miss Chief canvas prints

Little Miss Chief Signed Limited Edition Canvas Prints.
These prints are limited to an edition of 150 per image. You can choose which ones you want in a set of 6. Wherever possible you will be given matching numbers, although this cannot be guaranteed. Please inquire if this is important to you. The canvas is stretched around a wooden frame & is sealed, so you can wipe them clean. I can not guarantee their safety in a bathroom atmosphere, but I have displayed mine in the bathroom for a few years now, with no ill effect.

£75 each,  Set of 6 = £420 (£70 each),  Set of 12 = £780 (£65 each) Plus individual postage costs. Please message me on the contact page for information.

021 'Knock knock!' 007 'Come on!' 001 'Sneaky' cheeky girl card
030 'Sofa So Good' 096 'Washing' 108 'Dressing gown' 090 'Bath time'
109 'Where the f ck! 032 'Hmmm…' 082 'Welcome to my boudoir' 029 'Show girl'

Keep a look out for the release of my kindle book showing the best of Little Miss Chief or Send me your details & I let you know when it’s ready!

Little Miss Chief

Little Miss Chief :

The process began with no preconceived ideas, small sections of handmade paper, some black ink and a brush. I watered down ink using it to make marks on the paper. After allowing the paper to dry out, I used pen and black ink to ‘find’ images in the marks laid down. After a short while a character with stripey tights, bunches and a serious attitude appeared… playing out scenes from her chaotic life in front of my eyes. There are over 100 drawings in the original series, a selection of which have been put into print.

£2.00 each (plus £1.00 p&p) Free Postage on 4 cards or more
                                                     Mix and match cards from any of my card collections!

007 'Come on!' 108 'Dressing gown' 119 'Down in the dumps' 118 'Aromatherapy' 109 'Where the f ck!
114 'Love hug' 030 'Sofa So Good' 021 'Knock knock!' 018 'Hands on!' 037 'Absolutely Spliffing'
070 'Morning Yawning' 071 'Pit stop' 074 'Can did' 080 'Hangover' 081 'Stalemate'
029 'Show girl' 082 'Welcome to my boudoir' heeheeheesquare 032 'Hmmm…' 104 'In 'er ear!'
095 'Yes, and...' 089 'Truth be Told' 096 'Washing' 090 'Bath time' 093 'He man'
009 'Glaring Miss take' 010 'Groggy' 027 'Lover's tiff' 001 'Sneaky' cheeky girl card